Frequently Asked Questions

Please refer to the dress code page for details on the school uniform.

2023-23 School Supplies List

Please keep in mind that all items will be shared with the full class. Students will not maintain personal school supplies. If a student is unable to bring supplies, we will ensure they have all they need.

*Please note that all PK3 and PK4 students will have rest time every day and should bring a blanket or nap mat with them every week.  It will be sent home each weekend to be laundered.

Please adhere to the arrival procedure in the morning to keep traffic moving and allow students to be in the building when learning begins.

  • Doors open at 7:15 AM.  Drop-off for all students is on the Susquehanna side of the building.
  • Drop off for Primary (PK3-K) is in the parking lot near the library.  *New procedure for the 23-24 school year*
  • Drop-off for Elementary (1-5) is at the front entrance of the school.  *Same procedure as the 22-23 school year*
  • Families with students in both groups drop off at the library.
  • Please stay in your vehicle and staff members will assist your student in getting out of the car.
  • For everyone’s safety, families are not allowed into the building during arrival.
  • Learning begins at 7:40 with family-style breakfast in the classroom and students are tardy beginning at this time.

arrival plan

Please adhere to the dismissal procedure to keep traffic moving and ensure all students are reunited with their families in a timely fashion.

  • Learning will stop at 3:05 PM and dismissal begins at 3:10 PM.
  • Please do not pick up students between 2:30 and 3:10 PM.
  • If changes occur to a student’s normal going-home routine, please contact the classroom guide before 2:30 PM on the day the change is to be made.  If the classroom guide is not notified, they will dismiss the student per usual.
  • All caregivers MUST have their blue and white sign to pick up their student, whether walking or driving.
  • Pick up for Primary (PK3-K) is on the Manor side of the building.  *Same procedure as the 22-23 school year*
  • Pick-up for Elementary (1-5) is on the Susquehanna side of the building in the parking lot by the library.  *Same procedure as the 22-23 school year*
  • Families with students in both groups pick up on the Manor side.
  • Please stay in your vehicle.  Staff members will help students into your vehicle if needed.  If you need to buckle your child, please pull forward past cone 1 to keep the line moving.
  • If you arrive after 3:25 PM, please go to the front office to pick up your student.

dismissal plan

All Winn students receive free breakfast and lunch.  Students set their tables during these meals and serve each other food from communal dishes in their classrooms as a part of the Montessori curriculum.

  • The menu can be viewed on the School Cafe site.
  • Students are encouraged to eat school meals but may bring a healthy meal from home if they wish.
  • AISD food service is able to accommodate a wide variety of allergies and sensitivities.  Visit the AISD food allergies and special diets page for more information.
  • Because lunch is such an important time for building classroom community, we will only allow families to eat with students on special campus occasions.
  • Students should also bring a water bottle from home every day.  Snacks are acceptable but must be healthy.
  • Please DO NOT send treats to class on your student’s birthday.  Instead, we celebrate each birthday with a special, Montessori-inspired activity in the classroom.


To report an absence, download and fill out the report an absence form.  Once completed, please send it to school in your child’s backpack, drop it off at the front office or email it to Ms. Maria, our registrar.  If there is a medical excuse, please include a doctor’s note. Keep in mind that absences are a major factor in student success.

Winn Montessori Staff Contact information

  • Our principal will send out a monthly email as well as regular updates via email/text as needed.
  • The school calendar contains all important dates.  Consider subscribing to add it to your personal calendar.
  • Class Dojo is the campus platform for classroom-level communication and your student’s guide will invite all families to the platform at the beginning of school.
  • Please contact your student’s guide directly if you would like to meet.  All conferences and meeting times must be scheduled ahead of time.  We look forward to meeting with you!
  • Please give staff members 24 hours to respond to calls or emails.  If you have any urgent needs, please call the front office.
  • Don’t forget to follow Winn Montessori on Twitter and Facebook and join the Winn Montessori Families group on Facebook.