May 2023 Monthly Update

May 2023 Monthly Newsletter

Message from the Principal

Can you believe we are in our final month of school? In these last four weeks, we will be wrapping up STAAR testing, taking some additional field trips, reflecting on the school year, and preparing to close up our classrooms for the summer. We hope to see you at our May events!

We also need to have 100% of families registered before the last day of school. Last year, we tried to hire staff in August and were forced to start the school year without the needed teachers. Knowing exactly how many students are returning next year will ensure I can hire all needed staff before July--already we've found some great Montessori certified candidates who will join our team next year.

If you need help, please call our front office at (512) 414-2390, and they can complete your registration over the phone!

Your Principal,

Bridget M. Farr

(512) 414-3950

This Month at Winn Montessori!

You can also find the digital version of our calendar here.

Join us this Saturday for The Butterfly Experience!

Registration for the 2023-2024 School Year

Registration for next school year is now open! As our campus grows, we need to have an accurate count of students who are returning so we can hire new teachers NOW instead of waiting until August when most have already found a position.

For help with your registration, please call 512-414-2390 or text “Enroll” to 512-886-6434.

We will begin collecting iPads and chromebooks from any student who has not registered on May 15. Students who are registered will have access to their device.

Winn Montessori Campus Expectations for Families

Everyone could likely use a refresher in the new year. Take a look at the Winn Montessori Campus Expectations for reminders about arrival/dismissal, birthdays, and uniforms!

Get Involved at Winn Montessori

As we prepare for summer, we will need volunteers to help with the following items:

  • Refreshing bulletin boards
  • Organizing different spaces: supply closet, literacy library, etc.
  • Decorating and set-up for the promotion ceremonies.

Interested in helping? Please call 512-414-2390 or email